Why does almost everyone kinda ignores Wednesday?

Seriously, I can’t think of anyone but me who kinda likes Wednesday. Most of people don’t even have a opinion about this particular day of the week. What’s so wrong with that day? Is it because it’s not even at the beginning nor the end of the week? Is it because it’s too far away from the beloved weekend? I’ve never understood such a thing and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to.


You know, I kinda understand how Wednesday feels by being ignored by most people. She’s not a Monday to receive the hate of those who had a memorable weekend coming to an end, nor either from those who pretend to have a memorable weekend by their posts on Facebook. She’s also not a Friday to be loved and idolized with pictures of beers and drinks accompanied by some legendary description and tons of likes and comments.


I think Wednesday will never receive a Twitter or a Facebook profile that does nothing but warn us that it has come.


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